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Head Scalp Sores – Sores In Head

April 16th, 2012

Head Scalp Sores are common with many different scalp conditions including seborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, severe or bad dandruff, scalp eczema, seborrheic eczema and similar type scalp problems. However, there is one condition that is often overlooked and should also be considered if you cannot get a definite explanation from your doctor. Zincplex products were designed for all the problems listed above as well as the cause listed below!

What is An Overlooked Cause of Scalp Sores on The Head? Anxiety!

Anxiety can cause a chain reaction of chemicals in the body that is not understood that well. However, as many doctors will tell – head scalp sores are a symptom of anxiety. Just as butterflies in your stomach, gi problems, sweaty palms, armpit sweating etc, so are scalp sores. However, head sores are more common with long term anxiety and gernalized anxiety disorders.

So what can you do for head scalp sores? When you think anxiety think stress. For  many people anxiety is another word for stress. If the events are specific – such as a loss of a job then try to get past that and on to the next phase. For most people that cause of the anxiety or stress is not worth the amount of worry that we give it. We also strongly suggest relaxtion exercises to give your body and mind the calm that it is looking for. If you anxiety is generalized then you should seeking professional help. What has gotten out of the box – so to speak can be put back in. One of the best sites online to visit is for those that suffer from anxiety related hair and scalp problems.

The products that we have can really help with anxiety related scalp problems. The herbs will do what your body naturally does when it is functioning optimally. They protect, cleanse and purify! You will see a great improvement. However, for those that are not diagnosed with one of the scalp conditions listed above then we strongly suggest that you consider the cause being anxiety or stress and allow yourself to deal or cope with this as well.

Scalp Sores are a Big Problem

September 7th, 2010

Sores on the scalp are a problem that many people face.  They are annoying and can be painful.  These sores, bumps and blisters can be a result of several things including:  contact dermatitis, a viral infection like chickenpox or shingles, scalp acne, impetigo, cysts or sometimes even skin cancer. 

 Folliculitis is a condition that occurs when the scalp is too dry and the hair follicle is left open.  Oil and bacteria become trapped in the hair follicle and cause bumps and sores to appear.  These bumps can be small or large.  Severe folliculitis can lead to boils and cysts on the scalp in addition to sores.  In order to treat this condition the bacteria must be removed from the follicle with a gentle but deep penetrating cleanser. 

 Contact dermatitis can also lead to scalp sores.  It is caused by an allergic reaction.  The usual culprit is chemical ingredients that are found in hair products like perms, shampoos, and other treatments.  These chemicals can cause irritation and lead to bumps and sores.   

The best way to fight all scalp conditions is to create a balance on the scalp.  Too much or too little oil on the scalp can lead to scalp problems including sores, bumps and scaling.  Zinc is an excellent ingredient to use to balance the scalp.  It works by regulating the sebaceous glands’ production.  It is also great at gently cleaning away bacteria and oil build up.

What Causes Scalp Sores

November 3rd, 2009

What Causes Scalp Sores and What are They

Scalp sores are a fairly common ailment. There are a few medical reasons that lead to itchy and irritating scalps. These can be scalp acne, folliculitis, cysts, skin cancer, dermatitis, etc. Some may even get sores or bumps in addition to contact dermatitis, which is usually due to an allergic reaction to hair-products they’re using. Sores may also be caused by a viral infection like shingles or chicken pox. However what causes scalp sores for most people is quite simply an imbalance in the scalp. This is handled by using very specific shampoos to rebalance the scalp!

In case of infections, these scalp sores will appear on other areas of the body too. Cysts may also affect the scalp as they do other parts of the body. Folliculitis on the other hand is specific to hair follicles, occurring when a hair follicle is left open and becomes infected by bacteria, often due to an overly dry scalp. A similar problem is acne, which may affect the scalp as it does the face and back, often due to hormonal and stress-related problems and cause severely painful and itchy bumps and sores. Skin cancer, though rare, usually occurs on areas of the scalp that have little or no hair.

So, it is a good idea to get any moles that are changing color or size, persistent sores, etc checked by a dermatologist. Once you rule out cancer, it may be better to get herbal cures for long term results, as drug based shampoos will only damage your hair in the long run.

The key to a healthy scalp is getting the right balance, which can be reached with a healthy lifestyle. While a too-oily scalp will will result in scalp acne from the oil trapped in the follicle, a scalp that is too dry will result in a dry scalp. Zinc and other such natural products can limit the activities of the sebum gland and lead to a proper balance in the scalp. The key to a healthy scalp is a balanced scalp condition and so you should always try and achieve this.

The hair follicles should be opened up to put the scalp back into balance. Scalp acne treatment is way more useful for this than simple acne crams. A special shampoo with a conditioner that makes use of herbal products and amino acids is useful to restore balance in the hair scalp. When balance is restored scalp problems will be solved somewhat.

Moisturizing the dry scalp is one of the bets ways of getting rid of problems like itchy and flaky scalp. There are several scalp conditions that can be treated at home itself. There are several natural oils and conditioners that can be used at home to restore balance and change the course of the damage that is a result of SLS and all of these harmful chemicals. There are natural oils consisting of German Chamomile, Eucalyptus and Lavender and neem oil too that should take care of the moisturizing required for a dry and itchy scalp. In fact several of these components like neem especially have amazing antiseptic capacities too.

The harmful chemicals that are all over our contemporary environment are not going to go away very soon or in fact ever. Thus it is necessary that you work permanently to work through and over and above these pollutants and harmful substances. Under such conditions it has become necessary to work towards bettering the conditions of the scalp and natural oils of a mild variety and lotions of various kinds can come across as extremely useful in this endeavor. We have to constantly rejuvenate our natural assets.  

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