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Head Scalp Sores – Sores In Head

April 16th, 2012

Head Scalp Sores are common with many different scalp conditions including seborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, severe or bad dandruff, scalp eczema, seborrheic eczema and similar type scalp problems. However, there is one condition that is often overlooked and should also be considered if you cannot get a definite explanation from your doctor. Zincplex products were designed for all the problems listed above as well as the cause listed below!

What is An Overlooked Cause of Scalp Sores on The Head? Anxiety!

Anxiety can cause a chain reaction of chemicals in the body that is not understood that well. However, as many doctors will tell – head scalp sores are a symptom of anxiety. Just as butterflies in your stomach, gi problems, sweaty palms, armpit sweating etc, so are scalp sores. However, head sores are more common with long term anxiety and gernalized anxiety disorders.

So what can you do for head scalp sores? When you think anxiety think stress. ForĀ  many people anxiety is another word for stress. If the events are specific – such as a loss of a job then try to get past that and on to the next phase. For most people that cause of the anxiety or stress is not worth the amount of worry that we give it. We also strongly suggest relaxtion exercises to give your body and mind the calm that it is looking for. If you anxiety is generalized then you should seeking professional help. What has gotten out of the box – so to speak can be put back in. One of the best sites online to visit is for those that suffer from anxiety related hair and scalp problems.

The products that we have can really help with anxiety related scalp problems. The herbs will do what your body naturally does when it is functioning optimally. They protect, cleanse and purify! You will see a great improvement. However, for those that are not diagnosed with one of the scalp conditions listed above then we strongly suggest that you consider the cause being anxiety or stress and allow yourself to deal or cope with this as well.

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