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Teenage Hair and Scalp

August 5th, 2010

Teenagers often find that they have a problem with extra oil on the hair and scalp.  Hormonal changes at this time in life cause the sebaceous glands to produce extra oil.  If too much oil is produced the scalp and hair will look and feel greasy.  For most people this condition will decrease as they move out of their teens.  The extra oil not only looks bad but it can lead to various scalp problems such as scalp acne and clogged hair follicles. 

Many teenagers try to solve their oil problem by washing the hair more often.  Washing too much can lead to more problems.  Most people, even those with oily hair, need to wash about every other day.  The exception is someone who is extremely active.  The important thing is to use a mild shampoo that will not strip away too much oil and leave hair dry and damaged.  The goal is a balanced scalp with just the right amount of oil. 

A mild shampoo with the proper ingredients is the best choice.  Zinc pca is great for normalizing oily hair.  It is able to remove the right amount of oil without leaving hair dry.  It also regulates the production of the sebum gland.  It is a gentle ingredient that is able to clean deeply without stripping the hair.  Zinc pca replaces the moisture that is lost due to the elements and heated styling tools that many teenagers use on a regular basis.

How Straightening Affects Hair

August 2nd, 2010

Most people are not completely happy with the type of hair they are born with.  Straight hair is very popular right today.  So many people are turning to relaxers, or straighteners, to change their hair from naturally curly to straight. There are many options out there for straightening hair.  There are lye and no lye treatments as well as keratin treatments.  They all work by breaking the chemical bonds in curly hair.  This can be damaging to the hair.  Straightening usually dries the hair and can lead to breakage.  Some people just temporarily straighten hair with super hot flat irons.  These high heat styling tools also dry and damage the hair.  Especially when they are used on a regular basis. 

Chemical treatments such as relaxers not only cause damage to the hair, but they also often irritate the scalp.  If you choose to straighten the hair be prepared to deal with the damage afterwards by using a gently shampoo and conditioner that will restore moisture back to the hair.  Also, always have these types of treatments performed by an expert.  At home straightening treatments are not advised.  And you should always wait at least six weeks in between treatments.

Hair 101

July 29th, 2010

Each person has around 100,000 hairs on their head.  The hair is made up of three layers.  The cuticle is the outer protective layer. 

One sign of health, is shiny hair.  When the cuticle lays flat it reflects light and shines.  If the cuticle is laying flat it is protecting the hair from the environment.  In damaged hair, the scales separate and the hair may be dry.  The inner layers won’t be protected as well and hair may break and look dull. 

Hair and scalp need oil to be healthy.  Straight hair tends to look shinier than curly hair because oil covers it better.  Long hair can look especially dry and damaged.  Because long hair goes through so much, it needs to be taken well care of in order to continue looking its best. 

How you take care of hair depends on the type of hair that you have.  Straight fine hair will have different needs than dry curly hair.  All hair needs to be treated gently.  When hair is wet is should not be stretched because it can cause breakage and cuticle damage.  Heated styling tools and chemical products are some of the main things that causes damage to hair.  Using natural products is a better way to keep hair looking great.  There are many natural ingredients that can restore moisture and balance back into the hair.

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