Smelly Scalp and Odor – How Do You Get Rid Of It

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What to Do About Smelly Scalp

You may think that only a dirty scalp or hair would smell, but that is not true and smelly scalp is one of many different prominent scalp problems.  Quite a few people actually suffer from a smelly scalp.   This is both frustrating and embarrassing for the sufferer.     

The smell is not caused by uncleanliness, but rather a buildup of bacteria.  If the scalp has an abundance of oil bacteria can build up around the hair follicle causing an odor to appear.  It is normal to have some bacteria on the scalp, but a healthy balanced scalp can fight the bacteria off and prevent a smelly scalp.  Once the bacteria has a firm hold and is attached to the hair follicle it is hard to get rid of.  When hair is washed the smell may subside temporarily, but will return in a few hours.    

Frequent hair shampooing with perfumed shampoos may mask the smell, but they do not get to the root of the problem.  It the shampoo contains harsh chemicals it might actually exasperate the condition.    There are ingredients that can remove smelly scalp for good.  The scalp needs to be cleaned and detoxified.  Herbs such as burdock, ivy and thyme will work to clean the scalp thoroughly.  Zinc is an ingredient that will also deep clean the hair follicle and it will regulate the amount of oil on the scalp as well.  When the scalp has the correct oil balance, it will be healthy and able to fight off bacteria and fungus keeping smelly scalp and scalp odor at bay.


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