Herbs That Stop Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

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Herbs That Help With Dandruff 

Dandruff is a dermatological problem. It is prone to affects scalps that secrete more oil. It takes the form of small white flakes on the scalp. Not only does it make the scalp feel very itchy, it is also embarrassing to have scalp dandruff in one’s hair. There are medicated shampoos available in the market that takes care of the problem temporarily, but they also come with side effects. These side effects include extreme dryness of hair and scalp and unwanted hair fall.  

Using certain herbs and ingredients easily found in one’s kitchen, remedies can me made that will help treat scalp dandruff. Here are a couple of them you can try if suffering from dandruff: 

Essential natural based oils are greatly beneficial in treating skin problems and used in holistic treatments. Whether used to give massages for treating skin rashes or in diffusers for aromatic treatment, they have immense soothing qualities. You can mix them with other kinds of oil or dilute with water when applying on your body.

Horsetail herb is another effective ingredient. The two main ingredients of this herb are the minerals zinc and silica. Both are very good for keeping your scalp healthy. Keep using this herb for about two months on a daily basis. Mix ten drops of tincture of this herb along with water or simply a tablespoon of horsetail juice.


You can try using silica on your hair as well as scalp. When bathing, mix into your shampoo two tablespoons of bulk organic vegetal silica in a cup of water. You can also make a hair wash solution by dissolving about 25 capsules of vegetal silica aqueous extract in water.


The juice made from the root of the stinging nettle herb is also very helpful. You can either drink this or massage it onto your scalp. When consuming it, take about ten tinctures of the juice mixed with some water.

The rosemary herb has strong antiseptic and astringent powers. It helps in improving blood circulation. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from psoriasis. As far as the dosage is concerned, add a tablespoon of this herb to half a cup of your shampoo. Keep using this mix of your shampoo and the herb for about two weeks everyday.


You can try many different kinds of herbs as rinsing liquid and see which one suits you the most. Some of them are tea made from the stinging nettle or the one made from burdock. Then there is tea from chaparrel as well as yarrow and red clover. In fact, the herb aloe vera can be used as a shampoo by itself. Run some of the gel into your scalp, lather and rinse it off with water.

When using all of the above-mentioned remedies, the focus must be on the scalp and not your hair. It is advisable that you soak a cotton ball in whatever ingredient you are using, part your hair and then rub the cotton over your scalp. Let the oil or juice for a while and then rinse your hair as usual. If you are prone to dandruff, it is best to avoid conditioners.



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