Scalp Flaking And Itching Head – Here Is The Solution

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Sclap flaking can be caused by several different problems. The best thing to do is to have a doctor dianose but here is a quick rundown on typical symptoms.

Oily scalp and moderate to severe flaking is called seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea, seborrheic eczema.

Dry Scalp and Scalp Flaking is believed to be caused by a low moisture content in the scalp. This can be caused by exterior weather conditions, super dry climates and typical shampoos even if they are called moisture shampoos.

Scalp Plaques and itchy, red and flaking scalp. These are often called scalp sores. There are different causes of scalp sores including seborrheic dermatitis. One of the main causes is scalp psoriasis and scalp eczema. Scalp sores and flaking from scalp eczema are usually associated with a dry scalp just as body eczema is associated with dry skin.

Scalp Dandruff is also a primary cause of scalp flakes, scalp redness and itching. Dandruff is the milder form of seborrheic dermatitis also called seborrhea.

There are other causes of scalp flaking such as allergic reactions to shampoos, chemicals in shampoos, chemicals in conditioner as well chemicals in perms. Also heat appliances can cause scalp flaking.

What Helps With Scalp Flaking – Which Shampoos Work?

For years we set out to find the best set of ingredients that worked for many of the different causes of scalp flaking and itching. Zincplex is that product. The zinc is phenomenal for psoriasis and also for the cause of dandruff and severe dandruff which is called seborrheic dermatitis. The herbs are nourishing and cleansing. The ph of the shampoo is designed to reset the scalp’s natural defense as well as the scalp’s natural moisture level.

Zincplex hair and scalp products are by far the best for scalp itching and flaking. The ingredients were designed for a long term solution to scalp itch and flaking of the scalp – not justĀ a temporary one!


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