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Dealing with Bumps on the Scalp

November 8th, 2010

It is not uncommon for bumps, usually small, to appear on the scalp.   There are several things that can lead to itchy and bothersome scalp bumps.  Some of the most common scalp conditions are viral infections, contact dermatitis, acne, folliculitis, cysts or skin cancer. 

You should always rule out skin cancer if you have a bump or irritated area that will not go away for a long period of time.  Because sun exposure is the most common cause of cancer, cancer on the scalp most often occurs in an area that is not fully covered with hair.  If you think cancer is a possibility a dermatologist can quickly give you a diagnosis. 

Contact dermatitis occurs when the scalp has an allergic reaction to something it has come into contact with such as chemical ingredients in hair products.  With this condition the scalp is often dry and itchy as well as broken out. 

Folliculitis is another common cause of scalp bumps.  It occurs when the scalp is too dry and the hair follicle is left open allowing bacteria to become trapped.  The bacteria leads to irritation and infection and bumps.  Some cases of folliculitis are quite severe with boils or cysts.  It is a very itchy and uncomfortable condition. 

The real key to avoiding all of these conditions and bumps on the scalp is a proper oil balance.  The scalps needs to have some oil, but too much or too little will result in many scalp problems.

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