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The Problem with Root Buildup

September 27th, 2010

Caring for your scalp is just as important, if not more, than caring for your hair.  But most of us think much more about our hair than our scalp.  One of the first things we need to address with the scalp is build up around the hair shaft and hair root. 

There are a variety of things that can build up on the scalp.  Hair products are one of course.  Also, excess oil and bacteria tend to get trapped around the hair root.  All of this buildup can lead to a variety of problems for your scalp and hair.  When oil and bacteria are trapped in the hair follicle it can cause breakouts.  You may get bumps, acne and pimples.  It also causes hair growth to slow and in some cases leads to hair loss.  It is impossible to have a healthy scalp and hair with root buildup present. 

Zinc Plex Shampoo can help.  It uses zinc pca to gently remove buildup.  The zinc is an anti bacterial and will remove bacteria and dirt gently.  It is important that your shampoo be gently so that it will not further irritate the scalp.  Zinc Plex cleans deeply into the hair follicle and removes all of the unwanted buildup.  Once the hair and scalp are truly clean hair can grow at its optimal speed.  It will once again look healthy and beautiful.

Creating Balance on the Scalp

September 20th, 2010

Getting healthy beautiful hair is as much about a healthy scalp as it is about taking care of the hair itself.  A healthy scalp must maintain a delicate balance of oils. 

 When the scalp is out of balance it is easy for oil to build up around the hair follicle.  Too much oil on the scalp also allows bacteria to multiply quickly.  When oil and bacteria build up all types of problems can occur.  The result may be bumps and acne on the scalp.  Also many scalp conditions are caused by too much or too little oil on the scalp.  Many people get seborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff just to name a few.

Your don’t have to use harsh chemicals to treat these conditions.  Zinc is an ingredient that has been found to be a great equalizer for the scalp.  It is a gentle but effective cleanser.  It is also capable of regulating the sebum gland.  The sebum gland produces the oil on the scalp.  Zinc Plex shampoo uses zinc as well as natural amino acids to balance the scalp.  Other herbs, nutrients, and omegas make this a perfect healthy hair shampoo.  It is able to naturally and safely restore balance and health to the scalp.

Scalp Sores are a Big Problem

September 7th, 2010

Sores on the scalp are a problem that many people face.  They are annoying and can be painful.  These sores, bumps and blisters can be a result of several things including:  contact dermatitis, a viral infection like chickenpox or shingles, scalp acne, impetigo, cysts or sometimes even skin cancer. 

 Folliculitis is a condition that occurs when the scalp is too dry and the hair follicle is left open.  Oil and bacteria become trapped in the hair follicle and cause bumps and sores to appear.  These bumps can be small or large.  Severe folliculitis can lead to boils and cysts on the scalp in addition to sores.  In order to treat this condition the bacteria must be removed from the follicle with a gentle but deep penetrating cleanser. 

 Contact dermatitis can also lead to scalp sores.  It is caused by an allergic reaction.  The usual culprit is chemical ingredients that are found in hair products like perms, shampoos, and other treatments.  These chemicals can cause irritation and lead to bumps and sores.   

The best way to fight all scalp conditions is to create a balance on the scalp.  Too much or too little oil on the scalp can lead to scalp problems including sores, bumps and scaling.  Zinc is an excellent ingredient to use to balance the scalp.  It works by regulating the sebaceous glands’ production.  It is also great at gently cleaning away bacteria and oil build up.

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