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Head Acne – Eliminate It With Zincplex

May 4th, 2010

Head Acne – Scalp Pimples

Head Acne is very different from other types of acne that are found on the body or face even chest pimples. To start with the many different products on the market are not effective against scalp acne. This is because scalp pimples are typically started down inside the hair follicle where there is impacted sebum. This impacted sebum is inside the hair follicle and keeps the bacteria under the impacted or hardened sebum.

Therefore when you products like clearsil or even proactive you simply dry our the skin and the very top part of the hair follicle but the real problem lies under the hardened sebum. This is why scalp bumps or scalp acne can get very difficult to deal with. There are several scalp shampoos on the market but most of these do not deal with the impacted sebum and the final result is a really dry scalp and that is just the opposite of what you are trying to do.

How Does Zincplex Work So Well On Acne?

Zincplex handles it in two different ways and both are mandatory. First of the herbal complex is designed to remove the scalp plug or hardened sebum that is in and in the hair follicle. This is vital because the scalp plug is what is holding in the bacteria down inside the hair follicle.

Secondly, Zincplex got its name because it has a very special form of zinc called zinc pca. This form of zinc is very anti bacterial and also helps to moisturize the scalp. This kills the bacteria that causes head acne or scalp pimples while also moisturizing. However, the third and final thing that zinc pca does it that keeps the sebum gland from making too much scalp oil. This is vital since this is how the acne problem began in the first place. Once again is does not cause a dry scalp but instead regulates the amount of oil that produced by the sebum gland to prevent oily scalp and eventually sebum plugs. See results fast!

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