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Dead Sea Shampoo For Scalp Psoriasis & Eczema

April 5th, 2010

Dead Sea Mud and Scalp Psoriasis

Does dead sea shampoo for scalp psoriasis! Does it work? Many people that suffer scalp psoriasis get amazing relief from dead sea products incluidng dead sea mud and dead sea shampoo that contains the black mud. It also helps with people that are suffering from eczema.

How Does Dead Sea Shampoo Work For Scalp Psoriasis?

First of all you need to think about the name of the sea that it comes from. It is the dead sea. Nothing lives in this sea. This is because the mineral content is so high that everything basically dies. This is important since many people believe that scalp psoriasis and eczema are fungal based problems. Using dead sea poducts you essentially kill the fungus that is causing the psoriasis or eczema.

There is more to it than just the anti fungal aspect. Dead sea mud is known to detoxify the skin and underneath the skin and this is vital since others believe that psoriasis is an overaload of toxins in the system. Dead sea mud is amazing for pulling these extremely harmful toxins from the skin and the scalp. The result is symptom free skin and a symptom free scalp.

If you choose to use a dead sea shampoo make sure that you get one that has at least a 3% dead sea mud content and make sure that the mud that is used is black mud. And finally watch out for dead sea shampoos that strip the scalp of vital moisture barriers as this is one of the main problems of people with psoriasis and eczema, there moisture barrier has been compromised!

Scalp Health makes a dead sea shampoo that uses 5% purified black dead sea mud! And equally important we make sure that the shampoo is designed to rebuild the moisture layer on the scalp (the defense layer) and not break it down like many other shampoos on the market. It is also very scalp friendly with never, not one allergic reaction reported!

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Scalp Psoriasis – An Itchy Scalp?

December 14th, 2009

Scalp Psoriasis and Scalp Eczema – They Are Different

scalp-eczemaPsoriasis is a genetic disease of the immune system.  It is not contagious and affects the skin and the joints.  The National Institutes of Health states that 7.5 million Americans have psoriasis.  At least half of the people with psoriasis will have will also have it on their scalp which can cause an itchy scalp with an abundance of scalp flakes. 

Psoriasis occurs when skin cells grow too fast and cause red lesions covered with scales.  These are usually raised red lesion and scales are silvery white in color. 

There are different degrees of scalp psoriasis.  It may be mild with only a small amount of fine scaling.  Or it may be severe and include crusted plaques that are thick and may cover the entire scalp.  For some people the only area affected is the scalp, but most will have the psoriasis in other areas as well.  The scalp psoriasis may spread form the scalp to the forehead, neck or ears.  

Another scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis is sometimes confused with scalp psoriasis.  The two conditions are similar but can be differentiated.  Psoriasis scales look powdery with a silver color, while seborrheic dermatitis scales are greasy and yellowish in color. 

There are many products on the market to treat scalp psoriasis, but many contain harsh chemicals that may dry the scalp out.  With psoriasis it is helpful to keep the scalp moisturized.  The scalp requires a delicate balance of oil to maintain health.  Jojoba oil and emu oil are excellent moisturizing ingredients for the scalp.  Zinc pca works to normalize the scalp and regulate the sebum gland creating a healthy atmosphere for the scalp.   For most people psoriasis is an chronic condition and must be treated over the long term.  Dead sea shampoo and dead sea salts have helped many while they also turn to salicyllic acid shampoos. Our shampoo with zinc pca can also work very well on scalp psoriasis and defintely works well on seborrheic dermatitis to reduce the redness of the scalp and also the itchy scalp problems associated with all related scalp problems.

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