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Creating Balance on the Scalp

September 20th, 2010

Getting healthy beautiful hair is as much about a healthy scalp as it is about taking care of the hair itself.  A healthy scalp must maintain a delicate balance of oils. 

 When the scalp is out of balance it is easy for oil to build up around the hair follicle.  Too much oil on the scalp also allows bacteria to multiply quickly.  When oil and bacteria build up all types of problems can occur.  The result may be bumps and acne on the scalp.  Also many scalp conditions are caused by too much or too little oil on the scalp.  Many people get seborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff just to name a few.

Your don’t have to use harsh chemicals to treat these conditions.  Zinc is an ingredient that has been found to be a great equalizer for the scalp.  It is a gentle but effective cleanser.  It is also capable of regulating the sebum gland.  The sebum gland produces the oil on the scalp.  Zinc Plex shampoo uses zinc as well as natural amino acids to balance the scalp.  Other herbs, nutrients, and omegas make this a perfect healthy hair shampoo.  It is able to naturally and safely restore balance and health to the scalp.

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