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Teenage Hair and Scalp

August 5th, 2010

Teenagers often find that they have a problem with extra oil on the hair and scalp.  Hormonal changes at this time in life cause the sebaceous glands to produce extra oil.  If too much oil is produced the scalp and hair will look and feel greasy.  For most people this condition will decrease as they move out of their teens.  The extra oil not only looks bad but it can lead to various scalp problems such as scalp acne and clogged hair follicles. 

Many teenagers try to solve their oil problem by washing the hair more often.  Washing too much can lead to more problems.  Most people, even those with oily hair, need to wash about every other day.  The exception is someone who is extremely active.  The important thing is to use a mild shampoo that will not strip away too much oil and leave hair dry and damaged.  The goal is a balanced scalp with just the right amount of oil. 

A mild shampoo with the proper ingredients is the best choice.  Zinc pca is great for normalizing oily hair.  It is able to remove the right amount of oil without leaving hair dry.  It also regulates the production of the sebum gland.  It is a gentle ingredient that is able to clean deeply without stripping the hair.  Zinc pca replaces the moisture that is lost due to the elements and heated styling tools that many teenagers use on a regular basis.

Oily Hair – Greasy Hair

June 29th, 2010

If you suffer from greasy hair or oily hair then you are at the right place. First of all let us explain that having an over abundance of oil on the scalp can be the result of other problems and it can also be the cause of numerous problems. This makes getting rid of oily hair very difficult for most shampoo manufacturers.

What Causes Oily Hair or Greasy Hair

When the sebum gland is emitting excess amounts of sebum or oil it is typically because of these two reasons:

1) Puberty Causes Oily Hair

2) Oily Hair is caused by a defense mechanism that the hair follicle uses to prevent harm from bacteria, fungus and hormones such as dht hormone.

The second is by far the most important since puberty passes with age. However, the scalp is always being exposed to bacteria, fungus and hormones. When any of these get a grip and actually get inside the hair follicle a sebum is emitted to protect the hair follicle. This often becomes a chicken and egg “thing”.

For example dht (the hormone that causes hair loss) forces the scalp to emit more oils. This is bead because the enzyme that causes testosterone to switch over to dht feeds off the scalp oils. This causes a nasty cycle and makes hair loss much worse and speeds up the process. Breaking the chain means removing the dht with a deep cleanse and also preventing the sebum gland from producing too much sebum. The most amazing ingredient for this is ZINC PCA.

This special form of zinc breaks the pattern, the nasty cycle that allows scalp conditions to get worse much faster. It is also the best way to clear nasty scalp conditions that are associated with excess scalp oils or grease such as scalp acne, scalp pimples, scalp hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea, scalp sores and many similar scalp conditions.

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