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Zinc is Helpful for Scalp Acne

August 19th, 2010

Acne on the face is bad enough, but what about when you get acne on the scalp?   What do you do?  You can’t use many of the products that are popular for facial acne on scalp acne.  They will dry the scalp and disrupt the balance the scalp needs to be healthy.  Some oil is needed on the scalp. 

If you want a healthy scalp, and beautiful hair, you need to work toward balancing the scalp.  Excess oil and bacteria build up are what leads to acne on the scalp.  You need to remove the extra oil and bacteria, but you do not need to strip the oil away completely.  Unfortunately, that is what most shampoos will do.  Chemical products are particularly drying. 

The health of your scalp depends heavily on the right balance of oil.  Most anti-acne products tend to take away too much oil.  Zinc is all natural.  It gently removes oil and dirt from the scalp and in the hair follicle.  It is also a regulating agent for the sebum gland.  It helps make sure that the sebum gland doesn’t produce too much oil.  Zinc is anti-bacterial which also makes it a great treatment for scalp acne removal.

Scalp Acne and Hair Loss

December 7th, 2009

Scalp Acne and Hair Loss – The Cause and The Solution

Many people that complain of scalp acne or pimples also mention that they have hair loss or hair thinning along with the acne. The reason for this is two fold:

Reason #1 For Scalp Acne Hair Loss

Scalp acne is caused by a bacteria that is deep in the hair follicle. Most shampoos do nothing to deep cleanse the hair folllicle and help to remove this bacteria. This bacteria also causes inflammation in the hair follicle. This inflammation will squeeze the closed the hair follicle itself cutting off oxygen supply to the hair. It literally squeezes the hair and prevents it from growing properly. To help restore normal hair oxygen and growth to the hair the follicle must be deep cleansed and very few scalp shampoos can do this. It must be a scalp acne shampoo that can deep cleanse and also detox the hair follicle itself!

Reason #2 For Scalp Acne Hair Loss

Many times the same bacteria that causes scalp acne and pimples also causes itching in the scalp. This itching leads to scartching and that leads to more inflammation. Once again this inflammation causes a detoriating cycle that prevents the hair follicle from receiving oxygen and pinches the blood supply in the root. Removing the inflammation is done by removing the bacteria. Once again don’t expect normal shampoos to do this. The shampoo must be reeady to penetrate deeper than the surface of the scalp. It must properly ph’d to prevent the bacteria from flourishing again. it imust include natural ingredients to handle the current bacteria situation. Check out the very best scalp acne and scalp problems shampoo. It works 1000′s of testimonials and years of experience.

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